Why You Should Have Your Home Tested For Lead And What You Can Do About The Problem

Lead is a toxic chemical that was used in home construction prior to 1978. Many homes were painted with lead-based paint, and when lead was discovered to be very dangerous to a person’s health, the continued use of lead in this fashion was banned from homes. Lead can cause serious illnesses, including memory loss, abdominal pain, and even hearing loss when a person, especially a child, is exposed to it for continued periods of time.

2 Situations Where You Will Want To Rent A Dumpster

A dumpster rental service can be a fantastic service to take advantage of for both businesses and individuals, mostly because of the many benefits that it can provide. Some of the situations where you will definitely want to take advantage of a dumpster rental service are when you are clearing out a lot and undertaking a construction project. Clearing A Lot One of the hardest and most time-consuming types of yard work that you can undertake is clearing out a lot that has been neglected for a while.

Understanding The Benefits And Function Of A Three-Stage Water Filtration System

Your home’s water supply is a vital part of your family’s well-being, so it’s only natural that you want that water to be as clean and safe as it can be. After all, whether you’re using a city water source or a well, the water is vulnerable to some contaminants. The best way to protect your family is by investing in a water filtration system that purifies the water where it enters your home.

3 Common Reasons Why Your Family Isn't Drinking Enough Water

As you probably already know, drinking plenty of water throughout the course of the day is imperative if you want to maintain good health. By drinking enough water, you can stay properly hydrated, discourage yourself from eating too much or drinking sugary and calorie-filled juices and sodas, and otherwise stay healthy. However, there might be a few reasons why you and your family members simply aren’t drinking enough water. These are a few common reasons why, along with some advice for making changes that can help you and your loved ones get back on track.

All-Natural Tips For Keeping Spiders Out Of Your Home

While spiders are often considered beneficial bugs thanks to the fact that they eat many of the insects that are considered pests to humans, this does not mean that you will want to share your home with a family of spiders. The good news is, you can eliminate spiders from your home without the need to use harsh chemicals. The all-natural tips below can help you to accomplish this goal.

How To Keep Your Restaurant Clean So Customers Want To Come Back

Few things ruin the reputation of your restaurant more than having a dirty establishment. When you first open your business, you may think keeping it clean will be as easy as keeping your home clean, but daily sweeping and wiping down surfaces won’t be enough. Your restaurant is exposed to a lot of dirt and germs from all the foot traffic it receives. Plus, you have to deal with grease splatters, kitchen spills, and food stains.

Asbestos Can Spell Disaster During Remodeling

Though asbestos used in residential areas is currently banned, this highly toxic substance could still be in your home. In fact, most houses built before the 1980s contain asbestos somewhere. With news about mesothelioma lawsuits, it’s not unusual to be concerned that you and your family might be in danger. Fortunately, asbestos is typically harmless. However, if it begins to deteriorate, the fibers can break loose. It is these fibers that cause lung problems and cancer such as mesothelioma.

What Type Of Plastic Is Recyclable And What Type Is Not?

Recycling helps preserve natural resources, cuts done on the volume of waste that goes to America’s land fills and saves energy. One of the prime candidates for recycling is plastic. American consumers discard nearly 28 million tons of plastic jugs, bottles and containers each year. However, not all plastic can be recycled. Different types of plastic are designated with a number between one and seven that is stamped into the bottle, jug or other container.