How To Keep Your Restaurant Clean So Customers Want To Come Back

Few things ruin the reputation of your restaurant more than having a dirty establishment. When you first open your business, you may think keeping it clean will be as easy as keeping your home clean, but daily sweeping and wiping down surfaces won't be enough. Your restaurant is exposed to a lot of dirt and germs from all the foot traffic it receives. Plus, you have to deal with grease splatters, kitchen spills, and food stains. Keeping your kitchen clean enough to impress your guests takes a lot of work. It's more than you can do alone with simple routine cleaning. Here are some tips that can help.

Hire Janitorial Cleaning Services

One of the most important things you can do is hire a commercial cleaner with experience in cleaning restaurants. These professionals clean places you never think of, such as the gaps in chairs, window sills, baseboards, hanging lights, and anywhere else dust collects. Having your restaurant professionally cleaned each night after you close ensures the dining area will be sparkling clean when you open the next day. Plus, your kitchen will always be deep-cleaned and ready for a surprise inspection from the health department.

Concentrate On The Entry Area

You won't be able to rely on janitorial services alone to keep your restaurant clean, because it will get messy during the day as customers come and go. Be sure to focus on the entry area, since that is the first thing your customers see as they enter your establishment. Run a sweeper over the rug on a regular basis, or use an area rug there and change it out every few hours.

A little bit of mud, dirt, or debris smeared on the entry rug will reflect poorly on your whole dining area. Also, be sure the hostess stand and cash register area are kept free of clutter and dust if you have them near the door.

Keep Restrooms Clean

Establish a schedule for cleaning the restrooms. Assign the responsibility to your staff members, so everyone knows who is supposed to clean it and when. Restrooms should be kept stocked with plenty of paper supplies and hand soap at all times. Trash needs to be emptied before it overflows, and the floors should be kept swept and mopped throughout the day.

Keep Up With Kitchen Messes

While the appearance of your dining area is important to getting repeat customers, the cleanliness of your kitchen is important to staying in business. You never want to get bad marks or violations, since these are a matter of public record and may hurt your business. It's important to clean things as you go along on a daily basis, so grease and grime do not pile up.

That's where a commercial cleaning crew can be a great help. A clean kitchen is not only more sanitary, it is less attractive to roaches and rodents. A clean establishment is also a great morale booster for your staff since it shows you care about them and your customers.

The easiest way to deal with cleanliness is to get your staff involved. Establish rules and be firm, so your staff understands being sloppy and dirty is not acceptable. With your staff willingly helping during operational hours and a cleaning service deep cleaning at night, your restaurant will stay clean and appealing, which is essential for repeat business. (For more information, contact Springs Cleaning)