3 Common Reasons Why Your Family Isn't Drinking Enough Water

As you probably already know, drinking plenty of water throughout the course of the day is imperative if you want to maintain good health. By drinking enough water, you can stay properly hydrated, discourage yourself from eating too much or drinking sugary and calorie-filled juices and sodas, and otherwise stay healthy. However, there might be a few reasons why you and your family members simply aren't drinking enough water. These are a few common reasons why, along with some advice for making changes that can help you and your loved ones get back on track.

1. You Don't Like How It Tastes

A lot of people complain that they don't like the way water tastes. One great way to change their minds is to get a water filter for home use; you can install one on the tap in the kitchen, or you can invest in a larger system for your whole house. This can help filter out chlorine and other ingredients that might be affecting the taste of your water.

You can also try keeping fresh fruit and herbs on hand to add to your water. Try adding sliced-up lemons, limes, strawberries or other tasty fruits to your glass of water each day, or add a few sprigs of fresh mint. These small, healthy changes can help make your water a lot more appetizing.

2. It's Not Easily Accessible

If water isn't easily accessible in your home, you might not be as likely to reach for it. Consider keeping individual water bottles in your refrigerator for each member of your family, making sure that they are already filled with cold water. It's a smart idea to keep a pitcher filled with filtered water in your refrigerator as well, or you might opt for a refrigerator with an in-door water dispenser the next time you're shopping for appliances.

3. There Are Other Beverage Choices in Your Home

If there are too many other choices available in your home, you might not reach for water as frequently as you should. Instead of keeping juices and sodas on hand at all times, make them a special treat that you have to go out and purchase when you're craving them. If water is the main option that you have on hand, it's sure to be your first choice on regular days.

These are a few of the most common reasons why your family might not be drinking enough water. If you make a few changes, however, you can help encourage yourself and the rest of your family to drink more water on a daily basis, which is sure to help improve your overall health.