3 Ways To Upcycle And Recycle Soup Cans

At one point or another, almost everyone has chosen to throw away any cans that they come across into the garbage. If not, you may have turned your cans into cash using a scrap metal service provider. However, if you have a few on hand and want to recycle at home, here are three useful and easy ideas to upcycle your soup cans.

1. Create an Inexpensive Camping Stove

Instead of purchasing an expensive, bulky camping stove, upcycle your soup cans and turn them into portable stoves. A common stove to make on your own is call a rocket stove. This type of stove has flames that come out resembling that of a rocket. It is a great staple to have for camping trips or toasting marshmallows right in your backyard. This project is for someone who is useful with tools, but great for a family project as well. You will save money and have something to carry whenever you are on the go.

2. Organize Your Office Desk or Kids Craft Station

Cans may also be recycled by turning them into simple holders for pencils, pens, or any other household items. This is an inexpensive way to organize your desk or kids craft station. Remove the top from a clean can completely and file it down to ensure there are no sharp edges.

If you have children, you can turn this very project into a fun family activity. Allow the kids to choose what size cans that they want. Your kids can decorate the cans however they wish with things such as colored construction paper, crayons, colored pipe cleaners, markers, and stickers.

3. Start Growing Herbs in Your Kitchen

If you are interested in starting an herb garden, you can do so inexpensively in your kitchen window using soup cans. Remove any labels on the cans. Place your own creative label on them so that you can distinguish each herb you plant. Fill it with dirt and seedlings and watch your herbs grow in a perfect sized environment. This is also the perfect size pot to start other flower seedlings off and transfer to a larger pot once they have started to grow.

These are just a select few of the many ways to upcycle your soup and other similar cans. You will find they will help you save money. So the next time you have a few extras that did not make it to your scrap metal recycler like Recycling Center Inc, try one of these projects.