What To Do In Case Of A Heating Oil Spill In Your Home

When a heating oil supplier like Ike's Fuel delivers your oil, it should be stored in a secure tank that is checked regularly for leaks and cracks. A heating oil spill can be very dangerous and should be cleaned up immediately if it should occur. If you store heating oil in your home, consider these tips on how to handle a spill safely and securely.

1. Get ventilation into the room

If possible, open windows to vent out any fumes that are in the room. Do not use fans to direct the fumes, however, as these will simply blow oil particles to various parts of the house. If you have an oil storage tank in the basement, be sure the basement door and back door to your home are both open for maximum ventilation.

2. Cover your nose and mouth

Before you even attempt to clean up any spill, be sure you cover your nose and mouth with a cloth of some sort. Don't assume that when windows and doors are open you won't be bothered by fumes, or that they aren't very strong if you can't smell them. Cover yourself adequately to avoid burns, and to avoid inhaling vapors and fumes that can be damaging to your sinuses and your lungs.

3. Use a wire brush for initial cleanup

A broom you use for around the house typically is not strong enough to clean up oil, and will instead just push it around and make the spill worse. You should have a brush with wire bristles on hand if you take delivery of home heating oil, just in case of spills. The wire bristles will not allow the oil to spread, so you can brush it into a metal dustpan and dispose of it in a proper container. Use this at first to clean up the majority of your oil spill.

4. Spread cat litter over the rest of the spill

Once you've brushed the majority of the spill, spread cat litter over the rest. The litter will absorb the oil, and you can then sweep up the remainder and dispose of it much more easily. Once you've cleaned up everything you can with the litter, use thick absorbent rags to clean up any residue.

Remember that you should always dispose of spilled oil in an airtight container and bring it to a recycling center at once. It cannot be put in household rubbish as it is still very flammable and dangerous.